awesome things you can do with apple watch that you didn't know about

Things The Apple Watch Can Do

Years ago, I remember how people used to purchase watches solely for the purpose of telling time. As time progressed, watches evolved, and some of them were even capable of displaying the date and year.

do smartwatches drain phone battery life - answered

Do Smartwatches Drain Your Phone’s Battery?

Smartwatches need to constantly be connected to your phone in order to function properly. While we always worry about the battery life of smartwatches, have we sat and thought about how much battery life our

reason why your apple watch face keeps changing

Why Does My Apple Watch Face Keeps Changing? 

As an Apple Watch user, I understand the overwhelming task of selecting the perfect Watch face from a myriad of options. The process can often feel like an arduous chore. However, there are moments when

is it possible to overcharge apple watch is it safe to charge it overnight - asnwered

Can You Overcharge An Apple Watch?

As our gadgets continue to shrink in size and accelerate in performance, the same cannot be said for the progress of batteries. It’s disheartening to witness the gradual decline of battery health with each passing

why apple watch says storage is full - here are the reasons and heres how to resolve it

Why Does My Apple Watch Say Storage Is Full?

Are you greeted with a misleading message claiming your storage is full when it’s not? Perhaps you’re eager to add some new songs or photos to your Apple Watch, but the persistent obstacle of insufficient

Can smartwatches make phone calls - answered

Can Smartwatches Make Calls?

Ever been captivated by spy movies, where the protagonist effortlessly makes calls from their smartwatch? What was once merely a fantasy has become a remarkable reality – smartwatches can indeed make calls! Yes, smartwatches can

why apple watch is square? the truth

Why The Apple Watch Is Square? 

When Apple was rumored to release a smartwatch, many assumptions were made. Most thought that since conventional watches were round – and the fact that smartwatches like the Moto 360 were round too, the Apple