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How To Take Apple Watch Off Power Reserve

So, you’ve got your trusty Apple Watch, but somehow it ended up in Power Reserve mode, leaving you with just the time display. Don’t worry, my friend! We’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll

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Can Smartwatches Make Calls?

Ever been captivated by spy movies, where the protagonist effortlessly makes calls from their smartwatch? What was once merely a fantasy has become a remarkable reality – smartwatches can indeed make calls! Yes, smartwatches can

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Apple Watch Lights Explained (Red Blue, Green)

The premise of the Apple Watch is simple and its aim is discrete. A simple, yet minimalistic device that encompasses all features related to fitness on your wrist. With that said though, not everything is

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How To Sync Fitbit With Google Fit

If you own a Fitbit watch, chances are that you use the official Fitbit application. While it caters to most of your needs quite well – sometimes, we’re all in the mood for something more.

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How To Use Walkie-Talkie on Apple Watch

Whether made up of aluminum tins or a small receiver, the walkie-talkie was the true epitome of communication between two young friends. Now that we’ve grown older, it seems that our toys have grown up