Can Smartwatches Make Calls?

Can smartwatches make phone calls - answered

Have you ever seen a spy movie only to be surprised by how the protagonist was making a call right from his smartwatch? From being just a pipe-dream to now a reality, can smartwatches make calls? Yes, smartwatches can make calls using their phone’s SIM …

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Why Does My Apple Watch Face Keeps Changing? 

reason why your apple watch face keeps changing

With a plethora of different Watch faces to choose from on your Apple Watch, picking the right one can feel like an absolute chore. However, there’s a chance that sometimes, you might not just want to change your Watch Face, but it ends up happening …

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Why Does My Apple Watch Say Storage Is Full?

why apple watch says storage is full

Have you just gone through the tedious task of downloading an update on your Apple Watch only to be prompted that your Storage is full when it isn’t? Or, are you trying to download some songs or photos to your Apple Watch but just can’t …

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How To Turn Off Power Reserve On Apple Watch

how to turn off power reserve on apple watch

The Apple Watch has turned into an integral part of our daily lives. With that said, though, it still remains a perishable product in one sense of the word, as your battery can run out at any instant.  While Apple hasn’t really improved the Watch’s …

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Can You Overcharge An Apple Watch?

is it possible to overcharge apple watch is it safe to charge it overnight - asnwered

While our gadgets get slimmer and faster every day, batteries just don’t seem to keep up. With your battery health degrading every single day, it is hard to keep track of whether you end up accidentally end up overcharging your Apple Watch, harming its battery. …

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How Long Does It Take To Charge The Apple Watch?

how long does it take to charge apple watch from 0 to 100 percent -answered

While smartwatches like the Apple Watch have certainly enhanced our lives to a great extent, they’ve also turned into another gadget that we have to plug in at the end of the day. (Honestly, that’s the most annoying part of owning an Apple Watch) While …

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Does Apple Watch Always On Display Drain Battery?

does always on display will affect apple watch battery life - answered

Ever since the Apple Watch Series 5, putting your wrist down does not blank your watch’s screen out. Instead, it opts to display a minimal version of your watch face that tends to display the time, amongst a few other complications. In essence, the Always …

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Do Smartwatches Drain Your Phone’s Battery?

do smartwatches drain phone battery life - answered

Smartwatches need to constantly be connected to your phone in order to function properly. While we always worry about the battery life of smartwatches, have we sat and thought about how much battery life our smartphone loses due to it being constantly connected to a …

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Can you shower with an Apple watch?

apple watch vs shower - should you shower with your smartwatch on your wrist - the truth

The advantage of a smartwatch is that you can take it anywhere. So, what’s the point of wearing it, if you can’t take it in a shower or in the pool or for a rain walk? If you are an Apple Watch user, you have …

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