Why Does My Apple Watch Say Storage Is Full?

why apple watch says storage is full

Have you just gone through the tedious task of downloading an update on your Apple Watch only to be prompted that your Storage is full when it isn’t? Or, are you trying to download some songs or photos to your Apple Watch but just can’t …

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Does Apple Watch Always On Display Drain Battery?

does always on display will affect apple watch battery life - answered

Ever since the Apple Watch Series 5, putting your wrist down does not blank your watch’s screen out. Instead, it opts to display a minimal version of your watch face that tends to display the time, amongst a few other complications. In essence, the Always …

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Can you shower with an Apple watch?

apple watch vs shower - should you shower with your smartwatch on your wrist - the truth

The advantage of a smartwatch is that you can take it anywhere. So, what’s the point of wearing it, if you can’t take it in a shower or in the pool or for a rain walk? If you are an Apple Watch user, you have …

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Things The Apple Watch Can Do

awesome things to do with apple watch

Years back, people bought watches so they would know the time. Things moved on, and some watches could even tell the date and year, things moved on, and some of the “really cool” watches had a calculator. Watches have become pretty advanced since that. Now …

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Why The Apple Watch Is Square? 

why apple watch is square? the truth

When Apple was rumored to release a smartwatch, many assumptions were made. Most thought that since conventional watches were round – and the fact that smartwatches like the Moto 360 were round too, the Apple Watch would follow suit. However, that was not the case.  …

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Why Does My Apple Watch Band Smell?

how to prevent apple watch bands from smelling

If you’ve been the proud owner of an Apple Watch for a long time, chances are that you’ve gone through many bands and straps. However, some seem to love their original band, or just one band, a bit too much and have kept it going …

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How Long Do Apple Watches Last?

how long does apple watch last

Apple Watches have quickly integrated with the Apple ecosystem to a magnificent scale. In fact, you can’t take full advantage of it without a Series product strapped to your wrist. With that said, though, once you’ve bought an Apple Watch, how long do they last?  …

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Best Smartwatches Under $200 – A Complete Buying Guide

best smartwatches under 200 dollars

With older smartwatches now facing severe cuts given that they’re a few generations behind, do brands like Amazfit and Fitbit have what it takes to take down behemoths like Samsung and Apple in terms of functionality and utility? To answer that question, we’ve accumulated a …

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How Does An Apple Watch Track Steps

how accurate is apple watch step tracker?

Opening the Health application only to see your Apple Watch relay the exact amount of steps you’ve walked the entire day can feel a bit magical at first. Having the ability to know how many steps you’ve walked and what particular pace allows you to …

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