Can I Use Apple Watch In Sauna?

You head into the sauna after a long day and, in the sprawl of things, bring your Apple Watch with you too. This begs the question, can you use your Apple Watch in a sauna? Or will it get damaged? 

No, we do not recommend using an Apple Watch in a sauna. This is because while the Apple Watch is water-resistant, the high temperature of a sauna/jacuzzi can affect the water-resistant seal, which can cause damage to your watch.

In this article, we will go over whether you can use your Apple Watch in a sauna / hot tub and the implications of doing so in the first place.

Can I Wear My Apple Watch In Sauna?

According to Apple, wearing your Apple Watch in the sauna or steam room is not recommended. This is primarily because, unlike a typical activity that involves water – say, shallow-water swimming, the water temperature is nominal, and the depth is under 50 meters.

When it comes to the sauna, many other variables come into place. Firstly, water vapors. These vapor gases can crack into the seal of your Apple Watch and, over time, can cause your adhesive seal to have holes in-between, which can lead to your Apple Watch losing its water resistance over time.

In essence, your Apple Watch won’t immediately break if you take it to the sauna. However, for extended periods of time, the water adhesive seal will end up being damaged, which will cause the Apple Watch to lose its water resistance.

As your Apple Watch loses its water resistance, there’s a high chance for the components present inside your Apple Watch to be harmed as well. 

Besides just vapors, if you are in a sauna, chances are that you are quite close to soap, shampoo, and lotions, which can be harmful to your watch. So, to keep your Apple Watch free from chemicals, avoid the sauna. 

Does Apple Watch Overheat In Sauna?

Yes, your Apple Watch can overheat in the sauna. This is because, generally, saunas can go above the normal operable range of a smartwatch. Here’s a quick look at the recommended temperatures to store and use an Apple Watch:

Temperature (in F)Temperature (in C)
Storing Temperature32 to 950 to 35
Operating Temperature-4 to 113-20 to 45
Sauna Temperature90 to 120 32 to 49+

As you can see, the temperatures of a sauna are far greater than that of what Apple recommends for your Apple Watch. So, as soon as you step in, you will end up eventually overheating your Apple Watch. Plus, it’s not just your watch itself that you should be worried about. 

Most bands, whether they’re made up of plastic, silicon, or stainless steel, aren’t meant to be subjected to such high temperatures. While the damage they go through is subjective – you can experience corrosion or abrasion alongside discoloration, which can ruin your watch. 

Can I Wear My Apple Watch In The Hot Tub?

No, you cannot wear your Apple Watch in a hot tub. This is because the heat of the tub can cause harm to your Watch and can damage the waterproofing adhesive, which leads to your Watch losing its water resistance.

Apple Watch has water resistance, not heat resistance. The way the Apple Watch retains its water resistance is due to an adhesive that blocks out water from harming the internal components. 

When subjected to extreme heat, this adhesive can get ripped off, leading to water oozing in your watch. Besides that, as we’ve mentioned earlier, the Apple Watch cannot handle temperatures greater than 113 F. And, most hot tubs operate above that range. 

So, even if you avoid dipping your Apple Watch in the water when in a hot tub, you can still cause harm to your device, which is why we recommend that you keep it away from vapors / extremely hot and humid environments. Therefore, when going for a hot tub session after a quick shower, we recommend you leave your Apple Watch behind. 


While an appealing premise, you cannot take your Apple Watch to the sauna or to a hot tub. If you’ve accidentally brought it with you, no worries, it won’t be harmed immediately. However, prolonged exposure to hot and humid environments, such as ones found in saunas and hot tubs, can cause the waterproof adhesive to get damaged. 

Moreover, the internal components of your watch cannot handle temperatures above 113 F. Going any higher (which is often the case in saunas and hot tubs) can lead to permanent damage. Which is a bummer if you’re a sauna person, but at least you can swim and take showers with an Apple watch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Apple Watch Overheat In Sauna?

Yes, an Apple Watch can overheat in a sauna. This is because saunas have temperatures above 120 F (49 C) which is above what Apple generally recommends for your Watch to be. This can lead to your Watch losing its water-resistant coating or the internal components getting damaged due to heat. 

Can I Sauna With Apple Watch?

No, you cannot sauna with an Apple Watch. The culmination of chemicals, high temperatures, and vapors can greatly damage your Apple Watch’s internal components and also harm the water adhesive seal.

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