Why Are Apple Watches So Expensive?

The Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch out there. However, it is also one of the more expensive wearables that money can buy. This begs the question, why are Apple Watches so expensive in the first place?

The Apple Watch is expensive because of the following reasons:

  • A variety of design options
  • A luxury image
  • Integration with the Apple ecosystem
  • Expansiveness of applications
  • Increased longevity
  • Allows for cellular connectivity and calling

In this article, we’re going to go over exactly why the Apple Watch is so expensive, alongside whether the price is worth it in the first place. So, read on.

Design Options

The Apple Watch offers a lot of variants with different finishes. These variants contain different materials, such as an Apple Watch made of Titanium. Since these materials are expensive, the watch is priced higher depending on what option you opt for.

So, while yes, even the base variant Aluminum isn’t all that cheap either – the real price hike is when you opt for more premium materials. All in all, the fact that you can choose between a variety of finishes and materials is one of the reasons why the Apple Watch is so expensive. 

Luxury Selection

The Apple Watch presents itself as more of a fashion statement than just a smartwatch. Why do we say that? Well, Apple partners up with brands like Hermès and Nike to incorporate more of a premium aesthetic into the Apple Watch brand. 

So, even if you opt for an Apple Watch that’s a base-grade variant, you still do get the luxury feeling associated with a higher-end variant of the Apple Watch. And that is the reason why the Apple Watch is priced at a more luxurious, expensive rate, primarily because it is meant to inflict more of a high-end image.

Apple Ecosystem

There is no smartwatch that integrates with an iPhone as well as the Apple Watch does. Plain and simple. This is because Apple has limited the amount of functionality you can extract from a smartwatch that isn’t the Apple Watch. 

For instance, you can only quick reply to notifications from a third-party smartwatch. However, if you have an Apple Watch, you can use a full-sized keyboard (on the Series 7.) So, from being able to use features exclusively to Apple like iMessages and Apple Health, you’ll also be taking advantage of the seamlessness of the ecosystem.

Another example that I advocate for is my Apple Watch’s ability to pick up calls from my iPhone and route them to my Macbook or my Apple Watch. And, if I pick them up on my Apple Watch, I can wear my AirPods and answer the call. So, the integration between the entire lineup of products is one that you won’t find with any other brand.

Expansiveness Of Applications

The Apple App Store has the most expansive list of applications as compared to any other smartwatch ecosystem. While yes, Google’s Wear OS is definitely catching up, it still does not lead up to the variety of applications that the App Store has. 

More importantly, Apple’s vetting process with their applications is much more strict as compared to Android. So, the ultimate quality of applications that you can get out of the Apple Watch is much better. This is also another reason why the Apple Watch is more expensive and is able to charge a premium.


Apple’s offers its iPhones system updates for 4-5 years. And the same trend, thankfully, carries over to the Apple Watch too. So, unlike a standard smartwatch which ends up in obsolescence after 2-3 years, the Apple Watch can last for much longer.

In fact, Apple still offers the Apple Watch Series 3 as a viable smartwatch for 2022. This is further testament to the fact that even older models can still operate properly, and you’ll be able to use your watch for longer periods of time.

Moreover, if you find the Apple Watch to be extremely expensive, you can always opt for an older variant instead. This is because you’ll still be able to get the core function of a smartwatch out of the older models, too, without shelling out the extra price.

Cellular And Calling

The Apple Watch has a cellular variant with a built-in speaker and microphone. Besides Samsung, there’s no other smartwatch where you can place calls seamlessly without having your phone by your side constantly. With the implementation of a modem, the price of a watch ends up skyrocketing to a larger extent. This too is one of the reasons why the Apple Watch is so expensive.

With an LTE smartwatch, you will be able:

  • Make phone calls
  • Listen to Spotify without a phone
  • Take/send messages

Pretty useful if you like to hike or run. But it will also drain your battery a lot faster.


The Apple Watch remains an expensive gadget that is well worth its price, given that you utilize the features that it provides. If you don’t, opting for an Apple Watch Series 3 to get your notifications and receive your calls is another excellent alternative. 

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