awesome things you can do with apple watch that you didn't know about

Things The Apple Watch Can Do

Years ago, I remember how people used to purchase watches solely for the purpose of telling time. As time progressed, watches evolved, and some of them were even capable of displaying the date and year.

best lte smartwatches

Best Smartwatches With Sim Card (LTE)

With the advent of wearable tech, more smartwatches have been entering the market every year. What was previously thought of as a gimmick now has serious markets in the space. Our phones, which were perhaps

How Does Samsung Health Measure Blood Oxygen?

How Does Samsung Health Measure Blood Oxygen?

Samsung has been a pioneer in introducing fitness and health-related metrics into their smartwatches and phones. One such feature is the ability to measure your blood oxygen directly from the Samsung health application. This begs

counting steps with samsung health

How Does Samsung Health Measure Steps?

Samsung Health has an on-board feature that allows users to check how many steps they’ve taken throughout the day at any point. The feature in itself seems to be quite accurate and is quite useful.

are smartwatches allowed on airplanes

Are Smartwatches Allowed On Planes? (Explained)

Smartwatches are synonymous with our smartphones now. Personally, we’ve not been able to travel without either. However, with a recent trip we had to the airport, and with our anxiety churning up as we didn’t

are smartwatches allowed in schools and exams

Are Smartwatches Allowed In School / Exams?

Smartwatches have quickly turned into independent devices that do not explicitly need your smartphone to function. You can now send messages, receive calls, view images, and even record audio directly from your wrist. With that

are smartwatches dangerous?

Do Smartwatches Emit Radiation? 

Electronic devices have been known to produce electromagnetic, radio, and microwaves that have various effects on the environment. With that said though, this begs the question, does a device as small as a smartwatch emit