how accurate is apple watch heart rate - answered in details

How Accurate Is Apple Watch Heart Rate?

Gone are the days when you’d need to go to a doctor or use a sphygmomanometer to get an idea about your heart rate. In fact, more recent iterations of the Apple Watch, are able

how does samsung galaxy watch measures your stress

How Does Samsung Galaxy Watch Measure Stress

The Samsung Galaxy Watch has long remained the pioneer when it comes to introducing new features to Android smartwatches. Even trading blows with the Apple watch, it carries some distinct features which separate it from

how does apple know my weight

How Does Apple Health Know My Weight? 

You’ve just gone through a week of great workouts, and you feel on top of the world. And voila, Apple Health reports that you’ve lost a ton of weight during this period. This leads to

how does apple watch track steps

How Does Apple Watch Track Steps – Answered

Want to know how does apple watch tracks your steps so accurately? Opening the Health application only to see your Apple Watch relay the exact amount of steps you’ve walked the entire day can feel

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Can I Pair a Smartwatch With Two Phones at Once?

If you have multiple phones, chances are that you might have tried connecting one singular smartwatch to two phones. Or, if you have family members that would like to use your watch’s fitness-tracking features, they

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Can You Use Smartwatch Without Phone?

Smartwatches ability to function without the help of a smartphone. That’s a question on a lot of people’s minds. Yes, you can use your smartwatch without your phone. However, your smartwatch will need to have

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Do Smartwatches Drain Your Phone’s Battery?

Smartwatches need to constantly be connected to your phone in order to function properly. While we always worry about the battery life of smartwatches, have we sat and thought about how much battery life our

reason why your apple watch face keeps changing

Why Does My Apple Watch Face Keeps Changing? 

As an Apple Watch user, I understand the overwhelming task of selecting the perfect Watch face from a myriad of options. The process can often feel like an arduous chore. However, there are moments when