Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review

samsung galaxy watch 4 review

Samsung has retained its spot as a true pioneer in producing wearables that have a chance of competing with Apple’s Series lineup. With the two trading bouts every year, the Galaxy Watch 4 is Samsung’s latest contender in the increasingly competitive space. Featuring a few …

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Best Smartwatches With Blood Pressure Monitor

OMRON-HeartGuide-Smart-Watch-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-with-Sleep-and-Activity-Tracker - best smartwatches with blood pressure monitors

Image Product Features Price OMRON – HeartGuide Smart Watch Blood Pressure Monitor 9.7 Check Price on Amazon Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch 4 9.6 Check Price on Amazon YHE BP Doctor PRO 9.6 Check Price on Amazon MorePro Activity Tracker 9.4 Check Price on Amazon Tipmant …

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How To Use Walkie-Talkie on Apple Watch

how to use walkie talkie on apple watch

Whether made up of aluminum tins or a small receiver, the walkie-talkie was the true epitome of communication between two young friends. Now that we’ve grown older, it seems that our toys have grown up too. With that said, Apple debuted the launch of the …

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Apple Watch SE (2020) Review

apple watch se review with pros and cons

Apple’s product lineup has always been known to be on the pricier end. With that said, the company has shifted towards benefiting off of subscription-based services like Apple Fitness+ and Arcade. This has led to them releasing more reasonably priced products under the guise of …

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Apple Watch Series 7 Review

apple watch series 7 review

With smart devices getting smaller and smaller, it was only a matter of time before they started fitting onto our wrists. The advent of the Apple Watch sparked a new wave of smartwatches, with competitors like Samsung and Huawei struggling to keep up for the …

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