fitbit and blood pressure

Does Fitbit Monitor Blood Pressure?

When you think of a Fitbit, you think of cutting-edge smart wearable technology. If that’s the case, you aren’t wrong. Well, in most cases, that is. With the advent of fitness tracking reaching new extremes,

best fitbit smartwatches

Best Fitbit Watches: An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Fitbit has retained its prevalence over the smart wearables category for many years now. Even with its recent acquisition by Google, it has still stuck to its core principles and design philosophies of creating easy-to-use,

fitbit badges explained

Fitbit Badges: What Are They? And, How To Use Them

Fitbit has always tried to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to presenting itself as the de-facto standard for the fitness conscious. With that said, over the years, they’ve concocted various fitness goals

fitbit vs apple watch

Fitbit Vs Apple Watch: Which Is Better? 

If you’ve been eyeing a smartwatch for a long while, chances are that you’ve heard of both Fitbit and Apple when it comes to producing great wearable devices. While both of them aim to serve

which apple watch series:model i have?

What Apple Watch Do I Have?

You’ve just received a gift, you unwrap it, only to find out – Whoa! It is an Apple Watch! How lucky?! However, if you aren’t tech-savvy, you might be confused in trying to identify exactly

OMRON-HeartGuide-Smart-Watch-Blood-Pressure-Monitor-with-Sleep-and-Activity-Tracker - best smartwatches with blood pressure monitors

Best Smartwatches With Blood Pressure Monitor

Image Product Features Price OMRON – HeartGuide Smart Watch Blood Pressure Monitor 9.7 Check Price on Amazon Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch 4 9.6 Check Price on Amazon YHE BP Doctor PRO 9.6 Check Price on

how to use walkie talkie on apple watch

How To Use Walkie-Talkie on Apple Watch

Whether made up of aluminum tins or a small receiver, the walkie-talkie was the true epitome of communication between two young friends. Now that we’ve grown older, it seems that our toys have grown up