Things The Apple Watch Can Do

awesome things to do with apple watch

Years back, people bought watches so they would know the time. Things moved on, and some watches could even tell the date and year, things moved on, and some of the “really cool” watches had a calculator. Watches have become pretty advanced since that. Now …

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Why The Apple Watch Is Square? 

why apple watch is square? the truth

When Apple was rumored to release a smartwatch, many assumptions were made. Most thought that since conventional watches were round – and the fact that smartwatches like the Moto 360 were round too, the Apple Watch would follow suit. However, that was not the case.  …

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Why Does My Smartwatch Need A SIM Card?

why does a smartwatch needs a sim card - answered and explained

Picture this – You’ve just gone out for a run. You plug in your AirPods and open Spotify on your Apple Watch only to find out that it cannot connect to the Internet because you left your iPhone at home. Well, this is where a …

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How does Samsung Galaxy Watch Measure Your Stress?

how does samsung galaxy watch meassures your stress - answered

The Samsung Galaxy Watch has long remained the pioneer when it comes to introducing new features to Android smartwatches. Even trading blows with the Apple watch, and it carries some distinct creatures which separate it from Apple’s offering. One such feature is the ability to …

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Best Smartwatches With Sim Card (LTE)

best lte smartwatches

With the advent of wearable tech, more smartwatches have been entering the market every year. What was previously thought of as a gimmick now has serious markets in the space. Our phones, which were perhaps mandatory for us to bring everywhere, have seemingly given up …

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Amazfit GTR 3 Review

amazfit gtr 3 smartwatch review with pros and cons

The Amazfit GTR 3 is a true successor to the GTR 2. Coupled with a better display, better battery life, and a faster SoC, the GTR 3 aims to take the crown as one of the best smartwatches you can buy for under $200.  The …

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review

samsung galaxy watch 5 review

Samsung’s latest iteration of the Galaxy Watch seems to improve on the previous in very meaningful ways. The design is more ergonomic, we get Google Assistant right out of the box, and the inclusion of wearOS 3 with a faster, snappier processor.  With the release …

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Apple Watch Series 8 Review

apple watch series 8 review

Apple brings another iteration of its infamous Watch Series with the eighth iteration of the device. The Watch Series 8 is a minor upgrade over the rather drastically changed Series 7 (at least in terms of its aesthetic.) However, the Series 8 still brings a …

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Why Are Apple Watches So Expensive?

is apple watch a luxury watch? Why are they so expensive?

The Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch out there. However, it is also one of the more expensive wearables that money can buy. This begs the question, why are Apple Watches so expensive in the first place? The Apple Watch is expensive because of …

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